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Chiropractic:  What it means to our patients

 I started my journey many years ago with chiropractics. I have been
diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and have had 2 back surgeries
over the last 8 years with one of them being a spinal fusion of 2 of my
vertebrae. Recovery has been a long process and I have seen many
chiropractors and many different doctors many of whom have had a strict
visit routine of, for example, 2-3 times in the office for X amounts of
weeks for so long until an improvement in condition is seen. It wasn't
until I started coming to Dakota Chiropractic that I really started to feel like
I was in control of my own condition. They would never tell me that I HAD
to see them in order to get better. The visits that I had with them would
be so helpful that many times I could go weeks or even months with
feeling little or no pain. Something that I have not been able to do up
until that point and now when I call to make an appointment with them I
can walk into the office, stress free because I know I will leave
feeling very much better when I leave. The staff at the office is also a
big factor is why I continue to go back. They are always friendly when I
talk to them and they welcome me and any questions that I might have.

I have and will continue to recommend Dakota Chiropractic to anyone who
needs chiropractic care. I firmly believe that God puts everyone on this
earth for a purpose and for me, these doctors are here to help me live my life
to its fullest potential. THANK YOU for all you do.

~Karen N


Dear Chiropractor,

Thank you for helping my neck get better.  I feel better today.  I like that you help kids when they do not feel good. 

Thank you;

~Rachel M 

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